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47-story office tower named Tower 36 planned near midtown with a rooftop garden and restaurant

A submission has been made to the Urban Development Review Board in Miami regarding a new office edifice, dubbed Tower 36. The envisioned location for this development currently houses a Shell gas station. The proposal also includes merging the gas station plot with an adjoining vacant lot and a residential building to create a more expansive project site.

47-story office tower named Tower 36 planned near midtown with a rooftop garden and restaurant

The architectural blueprint for Tower 36 outlines a striking 47-story structure stretching 635 feet skyward, encompassing 32 habitable levels. Some of these levels have a vertical span exceeding 14 feet, thus counted as two separate levels.

The detailed plans for Tower 36 encapsulate:

  • An office space stretching 312,058 square feet

  • Commercial area measuring 29,109 square feet

  • Parking facility accommodating 671 vehicles

Atop the parking podium, a restaurant alongside a roof terrace is envisioned, while a rooftop garden is designed to grace the tower's zenith.

The architectural finesse of Tower 36 is credited to Kohn Pederson Fox as the design architect, with ODP helming the project architect role.

In terms of zoning adherence, the project doesn't seek any waivers from the Miami 21 zoning regulations. This proposal aligns with the existing rules, courtesy of recent amendments to the Miami 21 zoning code.

The driving force behind this venture is One Thousand Group, with Tower 36, LLC appearing as the contract purchaser on records. The trio of Kevin Venger, Louis Birdman, and Michael Konig spearheads the One Thousand Group.

The deliberation on this proposal by the UDRB is slated for October 18.

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