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575 Rosemary, a mixed-use apartment development in the heart of The Square nears completion

In the bustling center of The Square, a new landmark is set to rise in 2024 - the 575 Rosemary building. This 21-story structure is designed to blend luxury living with premium office spaces, encompassing 35,900 square feet dedicated to top-tier office facilities.

575 Rosemary, a mixed-use apartment development in the heart of The Square nears completion

It's not just a building, but a lifestyle hub with 322 modern rental homes. The lifestyle offerings are vast, featuring an outdoor sundeck, a resort-like pool, grilling areas, spaces for both indoor and outdoor dining, a yoga studio, a comprehensive fitness center, an entertainment lounge, and even special areas that can be reserved for private events. 575 Rosemary is poised to be the pinnacle of luxury living in West Palm.

This development is a key part of Related Companies' ambitious project to rejuvenate a significant portion of downtown West Palm Beach, turning it into The Square - a buzzing, dynamic community hub.

Their vision is to cultivate a vibrant cultural and energetic atmosphere, reshaping this 72-acre district into a sustainable, urban exemplar. Emphasizing pedestrian-friendly spaces and alternative transportation, the initiative also aims to be a catalyst for economic growth, attracting new businesses to the area.

The architectural brilliance of 575 Rosemary is the result of a collaborative effort with Elkus Manfredi Architects. This mixed-use tower melds 322 residential units with commercial spaces, dedicating 15% of these homes to workforce housing. Its strategic location offers residents unparalleled access to the finest in local arts, wellness, entertainment, and shopping in downtown West Palm Beach.

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