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Anatomy opens their new flagship location on Miami Beach, offering IV lounge, Normatec, and more

Anatomy, a leader in sports performance and strength conditioning, proudly announces the opening of their largest and most innovative facility yet, located at 1212 Lincoln Road in Miami Beach. This new flagship location, which opens its doors on December 15, marks a significant expansion from their original site at 1220 20th Street, offering an enhanced range of facilities for the burgeoning fitness community.

Anatomy opens their new flagship location on Miami Beach, offering IV lounge, Normatec, and more

"The opening of our new location in Miami Beach is a monumental moment in Anatomy's journey," said the Anatomy Team. "Since our inception in 2014, we've been dedicated to evolving with the needs of our community. This new chapter in our flagship neighborhood is a testament to that commitment."

Designed by Frossard Fernandez Design, the new facility features a breathtaking 70-ft glass skylit atrium, bringing an abundance of natural light into the space. It's equipped with the latest cardio and strength training equipment, including Concept2 machines and a specialized lower body training section focused on glute development.

The new venue boasts an array of group fitness classes such as Training Camp, Limitless, HardCORE, Booty Blast, The Gun Show, Metabolic Meltdown, and Yoga. Additionally, it houses a dedicated WeRide indoor cycling studio and a spacious open-air outdoor workout area, complete with a sprinting track.

Anatomy's signature personal training system, led by expert Body Architects, offers members a unique and tailored fitness experience. The facility also includes 'The Sanctuary', a space dedicated to advanced recovery and revitalization, featuring hot and cold plunges, an infrared sauna with Himalayan salt therapy, and a eucalyptus steam room.

Cutting-edge assessment tools, including In-Body Testing and vo2max, are available to members, providing valuable insights into metabolic rate and biological age. The facility also includes a VitaSquad Vitamin IV Lounge, an expanded retail section, and lounge areas for relaxation and work, complemented by two hours of complimentary on-site parking.

"We are excited to welcome both new and existing members to our grand fitness destination in Miami Beach," added the Anatomy Team. "Our goal is to create a community where members can sweat, enhance, and recover in a positive and welcoming environment."

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