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Fisherman’s Wharf gets approval for a restaurant and office building project on Indiantown Road

A recent development has been given the go-ahead by Jupiter's city officials this August at Fisherman's Wharf. The Palm Beach Post reports that this development marks the completion of construction on the last vacant lot within the Fisherman's Wharf area.

Fisherman’s Wharf gets approval for restaurant and office building project situated at Indiantown Road in Jupiter

The project, spearheaded by CEO Mark Emalfarb, outlines the construction of a two-story waterfront restaurant spanning 10,630 square feet. The restaurant plans to provide an additional 4,400 square feet of outdoor dining space, along with a 1,175-square-foot tiki bar.

This endeavor encompasses both a waterfront restaurant and a Class A office building. Alongside the restaurant, the project encompasses a three-story office building, requiring 17,198 square feet of new construction. It's worth noting that Dyadic International, under the leadership of CEO Emalfarb, may occupy some of the available commercial space.

In terms of facilities, Fisherman's Wharf is set to feature 203 parking spaces, with 23 of these located underground. Additionally, the development will include a boardwalk-accessible dock featuring two mooring spaces. According to the South Florida Business Journal, Fisherman's Wharf has pursued city approval for various iterations of its plans in the past.

The development is situated in Jupiter, FL. Notably, the building site, spanning 4.6 acres, was initially approved for 35 residential units and 5,600 square feet of commercial space back in 2007. Subsequently, in 2019, the developer proposed a purely residential project, which was not granted approval.

The application process for this development is being handled by Glas Gentile Holloway O'Mahoney and Associates. Fisherman's Wharf is slated to materialize at 373 E. Indiantown Road, Jupiter, Florida, 33477, situated within Palm Beach County.

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