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Iconic Wall Street steakhouse to open location in West Palm Beach

New York City-based Harry’s and Adrienne’s Pizzabar, revered institutions among Wall Street's financiers, are set to open Harry’s in West Palm Beach very soon.

The restaurants will share an 11,000 square-foot indoor and outdoor space at 360 Rosemary, a building known for housing several notable financial institutions. Harry’s will offer a menu reminiscent of its New York location, including Beef Wellington and 28-day dry-aged steaks, with a South Florida twist. Its cocktail program will honor historic bartender Harry Johnson. Adrienne’s Pizzabar, which opened in West Palm Beach on April 24th, inspired by a Roman espresso bar, serves a variety of pizzas under the supervision of executive chef Nick Angelis, known for mastering Neapolitan pizza-making traditions.


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