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JDS Development Group and Mercedes-Benz announce new 67-story Mercedes-Benz Places in Miami’s Brickell neighborhood, with completion expected in 2027

JDS Development Group has joined forces with Mercedes-Benz AG, marking a significant partnership where the prestigious automotive brand will lend its name to a condominium complex within a 67-story, multi-purpose edifice situated in Miami's Brickell district. This collaboration represents Mercedes-Benz's debut in the North American condominium market, highlighting a distinctive branding move.

JDS Development Group and Mercedes-Benz announce new 67-story Mercedes-Benz Places in Miami’s Brickell neighborhood, with completion expected in 2027

The building, featuring 791 condominiums, will embrace the Mercedes-Benz Places branding, showcasing a design philosophy that blends emotional appeal with intellectual allure, as articulated through the "sensual purity" concept developed by Mercedes-Benz's design team alongside SHoP Architects from New York.

Gorden Wagener, Mercedes-Benz AG's Chief Design Officer, elaborates on this design ethos, emphasizing a balance between "hot and cool" elements — the latter drawing inspiration from the geometric precision and historical legacy of Bauhaus design. This fusion informs the architectural direction of the soon-to-be iconic Mercedes-Benz Places in Miami, located at 191 S.W. 12th St. The project, named 1 Southside Park, will not only feature condominiums but also offer 200,000 square feet dedicated to office space and health/wellness facilities, alongside a 174-key Treehouse Hotel. It aims to enhance the local community with the inclusion of a revitalized city fire station and upgrades to Southside Park.

Initially envisioned to house 1,175 units, JDS Development has recalibrated its plans for 1 Southside Park, opting to reduce the number of units while enlarging their average size. This adjustment aligns with a broader commitment to sustainability and modern convenience, including the introduction of electric vehicle charging stations and a dedicated in-house vehicle fleet. With construction having commenced in mid-2022 following the securing of a construction loan, the project's completion is anticipated in 2027, offering condos starting from the mid-$500,000s.

Michael Stern, CEO of JDS Development Group, expresses enthusiasm for the partnership with Mercedes-Benz, envisioning the project as a beacon of community and sustainability for Brickell and beyond. The sales campaign for the condos is spearheaded by Serhant, with ODP Architecture and Design, and James Corner Field Operations collaborating with SHoP Architects on the architectural front. This project underscores a growing trend in Miami's real estate landscape, where luxury branding partnerships are increasingly employed to elevate design standards and attract discerning buyers.

The announcement of Mercedes-Benz Places in Miami introduces an innovative approach to urban living, merging luxury residences with progressive mobility solutions under the auspices of Mercedes-Benz's licensing business. This pioneering project in Brickell, conceived as part of a larger vision for "Timeless Design, Inspired by Miami," represents a significant milestone for both JDS Development Group and Mercedes-Benz, promising to redefine the architectural and residential landscape of Miami.

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