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JetBlue’s $404 million Terminal 5 construction commences at Fort Lauderdale-HollywoodInternational

Initiation of Terminal 5 Construction at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport Anticipated to Conclude in Three Years

JetBlue’s $404 million Terminal 5 construction commences at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International

The initial phase of construction for Terminal 5 at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport commenced this Monday, with the project timeline estimated to span three years. The initiative was formally inaugurated with a groundbreaking ceremony, organized by the Broward County Aviation Department and county commissioners on the Terminal 5 site.

Broward County Mayor Lamar P. Fisher expressed his enthusiasm for the new terminal during the event, anticipating the enhanced capacity it would offer for passengers journeying to and from domestic locales. "The initiation of Terminal 5's construction marks a significant stride for FLL, promising a series of positive impacts as travelers will have an additional terminal at their disposal," Mayor Fisher remarked.

The forthcoming terminal, dubbed T5, is projected to cost $404 million and will feature two floors housing five gates designated for domestic flights. Upon its completion, the airport's total gate count will rise to 71. Designed to handle an annual passenger volume of 4 to 5 million, T5's amenities will encompass check-in and ticketing zones, baggage processing facilities, a security checkpoint, along with retail and food and beverage outlets.

Early-stage work has already been initiated adjacent to Terminal 4, encompassing site clearance and tree mitigation activities. A seamless connection will be established between T5, Terminal 4, and the existing Cypress parking garage via multi-tier pedestrian bridges or pathways.

While the airlines to operate from the new terminal are yet to be disclosed, JetBlue is steering the construction operations on the county's behalf, amidst its ongoing acquisition of Spirit. JetBlue, ranking as the second-largest carrier following Spirit Airlines, also spearheaded the refurbishment project in Terminal 3, its primary operational hub. Joanna Geraghty, JetBlue's president and chief operating officer, reminisced about the airline's longstanding association with FLL, and expressed eagerness towards contributing to Broward County's developmental vision through the management of T5's construction.

The funding for this expansive project will be sourced from airport bonds, grants from the Florida Department of Transportation, and passenger facility charges. FLL CEO/Director of Aviation, Mark Gale, emphasized the pivotal role of the new terminal in bolstering the airport's infrastructure, thereby facilitating growth opportunities for both new and existing airline alliances and aiding in the realization of future Master Plan expansion endeavors.

According to industry forecast models cited in the airport's statement, a substantial growth is anticipated over the next two decades, with the annual passenger count projected to surge from 35 million to nearly 52 million.

Additionally, Terminal 5, extending over 180,000 square feet, will be situated at the airport’s eastern extremity, featuring a plethora of facilities including ramp aircraft parking, in-line hydrant fueling system, a multi-story passenger bridge linking Terminal 4 to Terminal 5, and a fresh ground transportation hub catering to both terminals. The terminal will house five new gates equipped with designated hold rooms for passenger overflow, a TSA checkpoint, ticketing counter, curbside expansion, and concession areas. The air devices overhead in the base building will serve the concession spaces.

The project's design team, in partnership with the owner, is committed to embodying sustainability principles within the design framework, aiming to attain LEED v4 certification with a silver rating through meticulous planning and execution.


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