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Lilac, a recent addition to the EDITION hotel in Water Street Tampa earns itself a Michelin star

In the bustling heart of Water Street Tampa's multi-billion dollar vicinity, the EDITION development welcomed one of Florida's eagerly awaited new dining establishments, Lilac. The arrival of Chef John Fraser, a name synonymous with culinary finesse, significantly amplified the anticipation. The global recognition of the EDITION brand, known for its 5-star standard, further elevates Lilac's stature. Though it has been less than a year since its grand opening, Lilac swiftly garnered appreciation from both locals and tourists, along with commendation from the editors of the MICHELIN Guide. This acclaim led Lilac to become one of the trio of restaurants in Tampa honored with a MICHELIN star.

Chef John Fraser, in a conversation with That’s So Tampa, expressed, “It’s very rare to get this distinction in the first year of operation,” revealing his enthusiasm not just for Lilac, but also for what this recognition symbolizes for Tampa. Noteworthy is the specific accolade Lilac received for its service apart from the MICHELIN star.

Lilac, a recent addition to the EDITION hotel in Water Street Tampa earns itself a Michelin star

Fraser shared, “Our goal has always been to be the best fine dining establishment in Tampa,” His sentiments were echoed by Amy Racine, Lilac's Beverage Director, who remarked on the burgeoning culinary scene in Tampa. She emphasized the collaborative spirit and shared pursuit of excellence among the Lilac team, which includes indispensable members like General Manager Matthew Braden, Chef de Cuisine Joshua Werksman, and Executive Pastry Chef Caroline Ballum.

The pastry domain, led by Ballum, is touted as one of the finest across Fraser’s restaurant ventures. Fraser appreciates the nostalgic engagement the pastries offer to diners, despite their subtle sweetness, attributing it to the delicate craftsmanship infused in each dessert.

Lilac, a recent addition to the EDITION hotel in Water Street Tampa earns itself a Michelin star

Lilac’s unique offering, the Champagne Cart, is a novelty that enchants first-time visitors. Racine elaborated on this tableside service, highlighting the variety of sparkling wines and the custom flutes paired with each. Guests can relish these sparkling wines individually or indulge in a tableside-prepared champagne cocktail. Among the cocktail selections, Racine spotlighted the Espresso Martini and the Yellow Bell Pepper Cocktail, paired with a sparkling wine from Southern France, as particularly captivating choices. For an epitome of opulence, a cocktail garnished with gold flakes is available, served in a John Jenkins crystal glass, and composed of vintage Don Perignon, reserve cognac, reserve grand marnier, and Cuvee Alexander.

Enhancing the luxurious beverage experience is Lilac’s caviar service, presenting a parfait of sun-dried tomato cream, spinach and scallions, and Osetra caviar, accompanied by warm duck fat tater tots.

Lilac, nestled within the Tampa EDITION at 500 Channelside Drive, invites prospective diners to explore its full menu and secure reservations through its website.

The MICHELIN Guide editors, in their review, appreciated the contemporary Mediterranean influenced cuisine, imbued with Florida-centric ingredients and French culinary techniques, showcased in a four-course prix-fixe. They highlighted the dramatic presentation of dishes like the Diver scallop infused with rosemary smoke, and the flavorful lobster feuillantine. They also commended the tableside champagne cocktail cart service, adding a unique touch to the dining experience at Lilac.

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