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Mr. Hospitality, the founders of Queen Miami Beach and Marion open Lafayette Steakhouse, a new luxurious steakhouse in the heart of Brickell

Brickell is about to be dazzled by a new addition to its culinary landscape: Lafayette Steakhouse. This new upscale American steakhouse, which opened its doors today at the historical site of El Tucán at 1111 SW First Ave., is a creation of Mathieu Massa and the esteemed Mr. Hospitality Miami team: founders of the beloved Queen Miami Beach and Marion Miami. Lafayette is not just a restaurant; it's an experience that echoes the opulent speakeasies of the past merged with the sophisticated dining of classic Europe.

Mr. Hospitality, the founders of Queen Miami Beach and Marion open Lafayette Steakhouse, a new luxurious steakhouse in the heart of Brickell

Lafayette is a tribute to Major General Marquis de Lafayette, a key figure in the American Revolutionary War, reflecting the deep-rooted connections between France and the United States. The restaurant interior, designed by Carlos Rodriguez of Escala Forma Studio in collaboration with Massa, combines luxurious fabrics, ambient lighting, and a blend of vintage and modern design elements, creating an immersive atmosphere that invites indulgence in an old-world charm.

Photos by Craig Denis

The menu at Lafayette is a testament to culinary excellence. Helmed by French Chef Kylian Goussot, previously of Michelin-starred establishments and renowned chefs like Joël Robuchon and Jean-Georges Vongerichten, the steakhouse offers an array of premium meats, dry-aged USDA prime cuts, fresh seafood, and other specialties cooked to perfection in a wood charcoal Josper oven. The dining experience is complemented by a curated selection of old-world vintage wines, premium spirits, and handcrafted cocktails, carefully selected by head chef and sommelier Gabrielle Neuberg.

Photos by Craig Denis

Enhancing the visual and gustatory experience, the restaurant's menu illustrations are the work of Octave Marsal, adding a unique artistic flair that celebrates Lafayette’s identity. The dessert offerings, crafted by pastry chef Nelson Mendonca, formerly with Alain Ducasse, promise a perfect finale to the exquisite dining experience.

Each corner of Lafayette offers an intimate setting, with private alcoves ideal for enjoying quiet, sumptuous meals. A grand piano at the center stage adds to the allure, setting the tone for an evening of elegance and musical delight. Lafayette Steakhouse is set to become a cornerstone of luxury and fine dining in Miami, promising an unforgettable experience that marries the charm of European elegance with the bold spirit of America.

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