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National Jets to expand at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport with a new hanger

In an effort to cater to the growing client base, National Jets is set to broaden its operational capacity at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport by not only augmenting its hangar expanse but also by welcoming a substantial number of new staff members on board.

National Jets to expand at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport with a new hanger

The focal point of this expansion is the construction of a robust 170,000-square-foot hangar, engineered to withstand the rigors of hurricane conditions, thereby offering a secure haven for aircraft during severe weather episodes. As a fixed-base operator, National Jets offers an array of services encompassing fueling, parking, tie-down, maintenance, among others, primarily catering to private jet owners.

This ambitious project, with an investment ceiling of $50 million, envisions a facility adorned with a range of amenities. Among the highlights are a pickleball court, sports simulators, and a spacious 5,000-square foot indoor event arena with a picturesque view of the airport’s northern runway. The workforce is set to see an increment of 25 to 40 positions, boasting a promising starting salary of $45,000 annually.

In the words of CEO Mark Binko, the objective is to morph the premises into a “aviation-centric country club” in the heart of Fort Lauderdale. He envisions a Fixed Base Operator (FBO) that transcends being merely a retreat during mechanical glitches but rather a client-centric establishment that sets National Jets a cut above the rest in the commercial FBO landscape.

A notable milestone in the company’s history is the inked 39-year lease agreement at the airport in 2021, a testament to its longstanding association since its relocation from North Carolina to Fort Lauderdale in the 1950s. Originally rooted in a warehouse offsite, the firm secured its inaugural 30-year lease at FLL back in 1961, post its establishment in 1947.

On the collaborative front, the Broward County Office of Economic and Small Business Development is aligning with National Jets to ensure that the local small business sector reaps the benefits from the hefty $50 million capital infusion earmarked for this expansion. Aiming for a 30% engagement from these local enterprises, this collaboration is anticipated to foster economic growth and pave the way for small business involvement in both private investment ventures and county-initiated projects. The dialogue between National Jets' CEO Mark Binko and OESBD Director Sandy-Michael E. McDonald echoes a shared enthusiasm towards unfolding additional economic development pathways ideal for small business participation.

This endeavor reflects not just a significant stride in augmenting aviation service quality but also a proactive step towards stimulating economic activity and small business inclusion in the region.


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