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PGA Tour & LIV Golf merge to create super league backed by the Saudis

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

The amalgamation of the PGA Tour and LIV Golf represents a significant stride forward in the golfing world. This consolidation will give birth to an elite golf super league, in which the world's premier players will contend for a heftier prize pool. The merger also foresees profound effects on Florida's golfing landscape.

PGA Tour & LIV Golf merge to create super league backed by the Saudis, Florida to see big influx of golfers

The PGA Tour and Saudi-backed LIV Golf Investments have established a novel "strategic alliance" worth $2 billion, introducing a series of joint ventures, including the development of an international tournament series. This groundbreaking alliance, involving a $200 million upfront payment to the PGA Tour and a share in LIV Golf's future revenue, marks a significant shift in golf's competitive landscape. Although not a formal merger, this partnership aims to combat LIV Golf's enticing offers to premier golfers, indicating a pioneering cooperative strategy and foreshadowing profound influences on the sport's future.

A large portion of Florida's top golf courses are under the ownership of the PGA Tour. These venues are utilized not only for PGA Tour events but also as practice and training grounds for the Tour's players. With the merger, it's projected that Florida will see an uptick in the volume of PGA Tour events hosted, a development that will benefit Florida's golf courses through increased revenue and visibility.

Further expectations suggest that the merger will spur a surge in high-profile golfers relocating to Florida. Although Florida is already a favored destination among golfers, the merger is set to amplify its appeal. This anticipated influx of golfers will be a boon to Florida's golf courses by attracting more players, thereby creating additional revenue streams.


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