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Snowcat Ridge, Florida's alpine snow park in Tampa Bay, is set to reopen in December

In the heart of Tampa Bay, a unique winter experience awaits at Snowcat Ridge, Florida's exclusive snow park, which is reopening for its fourth season on December 3 at 27839 Saint Joe Road. Tickets are now available for this enchanting destination, offering a glimpse into a winter wonderland, despite Florida's typically warm climate.

Snowcat Ridge, Florida's alpine snow parkin Tampa Bay, is set to reopen in December

Snowcat Ridge stands out with its impressive 60-foot-high, 400-foot-long snow tubing hill, accompanied by a convenient magic carpet lift for easy access to the hill's peak. Visitors can choose from various tubing options, including single, tandem, and 6-person family tubes, to slide down the snowy slope.

The park's centerpiece is a vast igloo housing a 10,000-square-foot snow play dome, where visitors can indulge in building snowmen and snow castles, alongside a smaller snow hill designed for younger guests. Additionally, Snowcat Ridge's Alpine Village offers a relaxing space with food and beverages.

Snowcat Ridge, Florida's alpine snow parkin Tampa Bay, is set to reopen in December

Benjamin Nagengast, the CEO of Snowcat Ridge, and Mark Bremer, the Creative Director, emphasize the park's unique nature, bringing a true snow experience to Florida. They highlight the park's ability to transform the impossible into reality, offering snow tubing and other snow activities in a state known for its sunny climate.

Further enhancing the winter experience, Snowcat Ridge will introduce a large outdoor skating rink, The Crystal Ribbon, featuring an ice skating ribbon and beginner oval. This addition allows guests to ice skate under the Florida sun or enjoy the park's mesmerizing music and light show at night.

Snowcat Ridge, Florida's alpine snow parkin Tampa Bay, is set to reopen in December

A highlight of Snowcat Ridge is its evening light show, transforming both the snow hill and the dome into a magical spectacle. Located in Dade City, more information about the park can be found on the Snowcat Ridge website.

The park's season extends from December 3, 2023, to February 25, 2024, offering an extended period for guests to enjoy this unique alpine snow park in the Sunshine State.

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