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T3 FAT Village, a 5.6-acre mixed-use Food, Art & Technology development is coming to Flagler Village

The T3 FAT Village project, spanning over 5.6 acres, is set to revolutionize Fort Lauderdale’s Flagler Village with a unique blend of residential, retail, and office spaces. This ambitious project, helmed by Hines in collaboration with Urban Street Development, Cresset Real Estate, and Las Americas, is a testament to the evolving urban landscape. The development focuses on an eclectic mix of elements – Food, Art, and Technology, aptly abbreviated as FAT.

T3 FAT Village, a 5.6-acre mixed-use Food, Art & Technology development is coming to Flagler Village

This development is strategically located just two blocks from the Brightline’s Fort Lauderdale station, linking it efficiently with Miami, West Palm Beach, and soon, Orlando. Its proximity to this high-speed commuter rail station underscores its appeal to a dynamic, mobile population.

The residential component of FAT Village includes two impressive towers, offering a combined total of approximately 500 multifamily units. These towers, varying in height with one reaching 24 stories and the other 13 stories, cater to a range of preferences and incomes. The luxury apartments in the taller tower, consisting of 355 units, contrast with the more diverse offerings of the 249-unit tower. This variation in residential options reflects an understanding of the diverse market needs, with a price differential of around $500 per month between the two types.

Retail and leisure form a significant part of FAT Village, with about 80,000 square feet dedicated to a vibrant mix of food and beverage outlets, shopping facilities, entertainment venues, and spaces for artistic expression such as studios and galleries. This area is designed to be the new hub of the city’s art district, promising an engaging and dynamic environment.

The office space in FAT Village is particularly noteworthy. Encompassing 350,000 square feet across two buildings, these spaces are part of Hines’ innovative T3 (Timber, Transit, Technology) concept. The T3 Fat Village East, a six-story structure, features timber lining, open floor plans, flexible workspaces, and private balconies, tailored to attract young professionals and adapt to the evolving work culture. The demand for such modern and amenity-rich office environments is high, as noted by Christina Stine Jolley of Blanca Commercial Real Estate. Despite challenges in securing financing for new office developments, the uniqueness of T3 FAT Village positions it as a desirable location for businesses.

T3 FAT Village, a 5.6-acre mixed-use Food, Art & Technology development is coming to Flagler Village

The first phase of this project, expected to be completed by March 2025, includes two residential towers and the T3 Fat Village East office building. In contrast, the second phase will introduce the T3 Fat Village West office building, further expanding the project’s scope. The entire development, upon completion, will offer an impressive 835,000 square feet of space, encompassing apartments, offices, and retail areas. This project is not just a property development; it’s a statement about the future of urban living and working spaces in Fort Lauderdale.

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