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The Miami Beach Police Department unveiled their newest addition to their fleet, a $250,000 Rolls Royce Ghost, aimed to enhance recruitment efforts

The Miami Beach Police Department recently sparked quite a conversation after unveiling their newest addition to their fleet, a Rolls Royce - aimed at enhancing their recruitment efforts. This 2012 Rolls Royce Ghost originally valued at $250,000, is on loan from Braman Motors and has been styled to resemble a police car. Braman Motors has committed to covering all associated costs, ensuring that no taxpayer funds are used for the vehicle, which includes maintenance and any potential damages, as stated by the department’s public information officer, Christopher Bess.

Despite the financial reassurances, the move has drawn criticism on social media, with some questioning the appropriateness of such a lavish tool for police work. In defense, Police Chief Wayne Jones described the vehicle as a symbol of the department's "commitment to innovation and dedication to recruiting the best and brightest individuals to serve our community."

The vehicle's reveal was part of a broader effort by the police to adopt more creative recruitment strategies amid changing demands and expectations of law enforcement roles.

The police's partnership with Braman Motors, a firm deeply embedded in Miami Beach's community through various philanthropic efforts, reflects a shared interest in innovative community engagement. This initiative follows a period of scrutiny for the Miami Beach police, highlighting their ongoing efforts to rebuild trust and improve their public image.


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