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Tropical Smokehouse, named best BBQ in Florida, is opening new spot in Downtown West Palm next week

Tropical Smokehouse, renowned for its authentic Florida craft barbecue, is creating a buzz in West Palm Beach as it prepares to unveil its second establishment, the Tropical BBQ Market, set to open its doors in Downtown West Palm Beach next week! This innovative venture, spearheaded by owners Jason Lakow and the skilled pitmaster/chef Rick Mace, promises an elevated dining experience while staying true to its signature flavors.

Tropical Smokehouse, named best BBQ in Florida, is opening new spot in Downtown West Palm next week

The Tropical BBQ Market is strategically situated at 206 Olive Avenue, West Palm Beach, FL, a 1,900-square-foot space that once housed Aioli. In addition to its main dining area, an extra 600 square feet has been allocated for a bar, along with seating options both indoors (30 seats) and outdoors (20 seats). Guests will be welcomed with counter service, ensuring prompt and friendly interactions.

An exciting feature of this new concept is the upscale deli market, a first for the brand. Here, patrons can indulge in high-quality meats, salads, and other menu favorites that have become synonymous with the Tropical Smokehouse brand. This grab-and-go section adds convenience for those on the move while maintaining the commitment to excellence in taste and quality.

A focal point of the Tropical BBQ Market's offerings is the menu's dedication to delivering dishes of the highest caliber, staying true to the unmistakable smoky flavor that Tropical Smokehouse has been celebrated for since its inception. This menu showcases signature items such as Prime Brisket, Mojo Pork, Jackfruit, and Pulled Chicken, all expertly prepared on a smoker oven crafted exclusively by M&M Barbeque Company.

The custom smoker oven is a marvel in itself, functioning without reliance on gas or electricity. With a spacious cook chamber and a rotisserie that can accommodate up to 60 briskets, it epitomizes the dedication to quality and precision cooking.

Whether enjoyed on-site or taken home, the offerings extend to include an array of delights. From flavorful empanadas to beloved side dishes, core proteins, ready-to-heat sausages, and even pantry staples like grains from Marsh Hen Mill, coffee from Necessary Coffee, and a selection of sodas from Tractor Beverages, the Tropical BBQ Market ensures a complete culinary experience.

One unique touch is the transformation of Prime Brisket Tallow into soap, a creative collaboration with the local artisan Soap Dudes in Delray Beach. This showcases the brand's innovative and sustainability-driven mindset.

The pricing structure aligns with the casual yet flavor-packed experience the establishment aims to provide. Menu items are priced between $14 to $17, making it accessible to a wide range of diners seeking a remarkable dining adventure.

Undoubtedly, community engagement is a core principle for this philanthropy-focused restaurant brand. An exemplary instance of this commitment is reflected in the partnership with Mayor Keith James, where the original Tropical Smokehouse recently commemorated its two-year anniversary. The restaurant collaborated with Mayor James in a food donation initiative that honored the dedication of the city's Sanitation Bureau Division. The heartwarming gesture involved providing nourishing meals for 100 city workers, which included Tropical's signature dishes such as mojo pork, chicken, salads, plantain bowls, and sides. This generosity underlines the brand's dedication to giving back to the community that has embraced it.

Tropical Smokehouse, named best BBQ in Florida, is opening new spot in Downtown West Palm next week

Tropical BBQ Market is strategically located at 206 S Olive Avenue, West Palm Beach, FL 33405. Operating hours are from Monday to Saturday, 11:30 a.m. to 9 p.m., with Sundays marked as a day of closure. For further details, inquiries can be directed to 561-323-2573 or by visiting the official website at Stay updated by following their social media presence on Facebook and Instagram.


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