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West Palm Beach's bright future and new nickname, "Wall Street South" displayed across NYC

Digital billboards showcasing Palm Beach County's scenic beaches, vibrant skyline, and crystal-clear waters appeared on New York City's bustling streets this week, promoting the region as "Wall Street South."

In recent years, Palm Beach County, particularly West Palm Beach, has earned the moniker "financial capital of the South," thanks to a significant uptick in business relocations since the onset of the pandemic.

New and existing Class A office buildings in downtown West Palm Beach, such as 360 Rosemary, have attracted approximately 100 firms to the county since 2019. This initiative was sponsored by the county's Business Development Board (BDB), which also funded the digital billboards.

The BDB strategically placed three digital billboards at key locations: 43rd Rotunda, Times Square Tower, and the renowned I Love NY Board. These billboards prominently feature "Wall Street South," underscoring West Palm Beach's emerging status as a financial hub.

For years, the BDB has been working to establish the county as a center for financial activities, including hedge funds and investment firms. This endeavor has gained momentum since the pandemic. According to the board, the county is home to 57 billionaires and 70,000 millionaires, further enhancing its appeal as a financial hub.

In addition to West Palm Beach, other urban centers in Palm Beach County, such as Palm Beach Gardens and Boca Raton, are also experiencing a construction boom in office spaces. One notable example is One Flagler, a 270,000-square-foot office building that is currently 75% leased. Among its tenants are notable firms like GTCR, Diameter Capital Partners, and Siris Capital.


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