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ro Hyde Park by Three Oaks Hospitality, reveals new brunch and lunch menu additions

Updated: Apr 2

Nestled within the vibrant Hyde Park Village, the recent addition of ro, a modern Japanese and high-end sushi restaurant, introduces an exciting dimension to the already rich dining landscape. Since its doors swung open in October, ro has been inviting patrons to immerse themselves in the art of modern Asian cuisine, underscored by the authentic spirit of Omotenashi—a Japanese principle symbolizing wholehearted hospitality.

At the helm of ro's culinary adventures, their menu is a celebration of fresh Japanese ingredients, from an opulent caviar service to an intricate multi-course omakase experience, ensuring each visit is a journey through the epitome of Japanese cuisine. ro also receives daily shipments from Tokyo's Toyosu Market guaranteeing the freshest and most genuine fish.

The heart of ro’s offerings now beats with a new rhythm with its recently unveiled new brunch menu, a delightful addition that promises to elevate the weekend dining experience. The menu includes:

Drinks like the unique ponzu Bloody Mary with Suntory Baku Vodka, and a Mimosa Flight showcasing Jeio Prosecco paired with exotic juices.

Brunch delights range from the Smoke Roll, featuring smoked salmon, to the innovative Eggs Benny with crispy rock shrimp and a nuanced Nuoc Cham Hollandaise.

The Brunch Bento and Bao Bunz offer a savory exploration of Japanese flavors, while the Steak and Eggs and Healthy Beginning cater to those seeking a hearty start to their day.

Not to be missed, the RO French Toast provides a sweet finale with its panko-crusted brioche and matcha whipped cream.


Guests can also look forward to the introduction of their new lunch menu items today, promising to extend ro's culinary creativity into the daytime dining scene.

Ro's commitment to excellence is further exemplified through its bespoke cocktail program, where expert mixologists craft unique creations like the ichigo ichie, a coconut and matcha-infused concoction inspired by the ethos of cherishing every encounter as a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

As part of Three Oaks Hospitality Group, ro shares its lineage with esteemed Tampa venues like Jekyll, M. Bird, Steelbach and Ciro’s Speakeasy, continuing the group’s tradition of delivering exceptional dining experiences. With its strategic location in Hyde Park Village, ro not only enriches the local gastronomy but also stands as a beacon of culinary innovation and hospitality, inviting all to savor its latest brunch offerings and anticipate the exciting lunch menu soon to unfold.

Currently, ro Hyde Park is our number-one-rated dining experience in Florida. View our full Florida of Tomorrow's 20 Best Restaurant list here.

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