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Selby Gardens downtown campus nearing phase one completion

The Marie Selby Botanical Gardens embarked on a Master Plan for its Downtown Sarasota campus in June 2021. The plan aims to preserve the garden's history, protect unique plant collections, and ensure its sustainable future.

* Phase I: Construction of a new Welcome Center, a cutting-edge Plant Research Center, and the Living Energy Access Facility (LEAF) which will house parking, a gift shop, a garden-level restaurant, and a 50,000-square-foot solar array.

* Phase II: Building of a hurricane-resilient greenhouse complex to house living collections and a Learning Pavilion, which will offer expanded capacity for school programs and enhance indoor and outdoor classroom space.

* Phase III: Restoration of the landmark Payne Mansion, which serves as the Museum of Botany & the Arts, unification of all walking paths throughout the Gardens, bolstering of sea walls surrounding the property, and renovation of docks.

Phase One is expected to be completed by November 2023. The Gardens will also introduce educational programs and incorporate advanced sustainability concepts, positioning itself as a global leader in conservation and green urban design. This initiative is guided by renowned architectural and engineering firms, and includes a local job training program.


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